About West Michigan Tables

West Michigan Tables is about offering timeless table designs in high quality materials for a reasonable price. Our tables are made to order using high-quality materials, ensuring timeless designs that will last for years to come.

West Michigan Tables is the made-to-order division of Bearded Moose Woodworking—a Michigan-based Woodworking Shop owned and operated by Colton Rosman. Check out beardedmoosewoodworking.com/about for more information about our business and the woodworker!


About Colton Rosman

 Colton Rosman, owner and woodworker of Bearded Moose Woodworking and West Michigan Tables

After completing his degree in Engineering, he and Colton's now-wife, Megan, relocated to Portland, Oregon, and in 2019, they purchased their first house. Colton was excited to have a space of his own to build and create. Not long after, his “when I have time” hobby turned into Bearded Moose Woodworking.

Now Colton and his family live near Grand Rapids, where he works out of his 1,350-square-foot detached shop—a space that is dedicated to building custom and semi-custom projects for clients all of Michigan.